Hydro Flask Craze

Nicole Castillo and Maya Anderson, reporter

Last year many people in Kohala wanted a Hydro Flask to keep beverages either cold or hot. It can keep it hot for 12 hours and nice and cold for 24 hours. The temperature outside of the flask has a hard time affecting the temperature inside of the Hydro Flask.. A Hydro Flask is a double-wall vacuum insulated, made of 18/8 stainless steel BPA-free material, food grade stainless steel reusable water bottle. It is highly resistant to absorbing smells, taste and bacteria. Hydro flasks are very simple to clean so less hassle for you. They are even good for the environment, so what’s not to love.

This reusable water bottle comes in many different sizes and colors. From 64oz to 12oz and from colors that vary from purple to white. Hydro Flasks can keep things cold for up to 24 hours and hot things hot up to 12 hours.   The good news is that if the manufactures mess up on your Hydro Flask, you have a lifetime warranty to take care of it. Last, but not least, hydro flasks don’t sweat so your hands can stay comfortable and it won’t get everything all wet.

One student says that she is very satisfied with her Hydro Flask and she loves it. Another student says that she likes the Hydro Flask because she likes to keep things cold. So in the end a lot of people are very satisfied with the Hydro Flask and they recommend everyone to get one.