Kohala Cowboys vs. Keaau (JV)

Amber Malasig, Reporter

September 13, 2014 our boys got to play Keaau at Keaau. It was a hot day. The heat was getting to the boy and even the coaches and stats. When we got there our boys were on the field and were checking out how there field was and what spots should they avoid on the field. After that they went in the bathroom and just relaxed for a little while. Then they had to start getting ready and doing their warm ups. It was 2:00pm and the game had started. Our boys were pumped up and ready to play. During 1st quarter our quarter back Hana Caravalho #2 made the first touch down at 8 minutes and 15 second of the game and the score was 6-0. When 2nd quarter was coming our boys started to lose energy because of the heat. During 2nd quarter Cayson Carlos-Ellazar #30 made the second touch down at 10 minutes and 48 second, the score was 15-0. Isaiah Villacorte-Caravalho #23 made the third touch down at 9 minutes and 11 second, the score was 21-6. Steven Medeiros #55 made the fourth touch down at 0 minutes and 18 second, the score was 29-6. Half time came and our boys did really well. Keaau had a band playing music which was pretty awesome. Our boys and the coaches went to the boys locker room. The coaches were talking to the boys, telling them how they did and what things they needed to improve on. During the 3rd quarter our quarter back Hana Caravalho #2 made the fifth touch down at 2 minutes and 24 second,  the score was 35-6. Marc Francisco #11 made the sixth touch down at 0 minutes and 1 second,  the score was 41-6.  During 4th quarter Rocky Carnate #20 made the seventh/last touch down at 4 minutes and 55 second, the score was 51-6. The game has ended and our boys were stoked that they won. They did really well. Our boys wanted the win and they got it. They were ready for this. They practiced hard everyday. They wanted it badly and they got it. The hard work really paid off.