Eat Healthy!!!

Maya Anderson, Reporter

Eating healthy foods gives you the nutrients that your body needs to have energy, keep your heart beating, your brain active and all of your muscles working. Nutrients also help strengthen your bones and keeps your blood pressure low. Eating fruit and vegetables helps lower your blood pressure and may lower your risk of having any types of cancer.

In a documentary, a person that was healthy for his age, wanted to see what would happen if he only ate at McDonalds for 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks were finished, he had kidney failures, gained 10-20 pounds and was in great danger of having all kinds of other problems that could harm him. In the process, he said that he was depressed and could only feel better if he ate junk foods. This just shows that unhealthy foods can do some really harmful things to your body.

Luckily, I only eat at a fast food place about once a month or less. If I was to eat there once a week or more, I would be a really unhealthy person and be obese with all kinds of problems. Hopefully from reading this article some people will have better eating habits if not already.