Pololu Valley


Pololu view from the lookout.

Maya Anderson, Reporter

The word Pololu means “long spear” in the Hawaiian language. A long criss-crossing trail leads down to the ocean and a beautiful black sand beach. King Kamehameha was raised in the back of Pololu Valley in a place called Awini. The last time I was in Pololu Valley was with my girls’ basketball team back in May. We went there because some of my teammates had never been there, but they lived in Kohala for their entire lives.

Pololu Valley attracts many tourists that visit Kohala because of it’s amazing view. People all around the Big Island make tons of money from all of the tourists that visit our beautiful island. Pololu Valley is a wonderful place to look at and is a unique historical site that is admired throughout Kohala. I hope that someday everyone would get to see our special site that we cherish.