Kohala High Teacher Dan Leitner Publishes Book

Kohala High Teacher Dan Leitner Publishes Book

Andrew Trump, Assistant Editor

Kohala High P.E./Fitness teacher Dan Leitner recently published a book called Power Imagery: Believing & Achieving Through Mental Imagery.  This impressive feat took many years for him to achieve and there is the beginning of a buzz starting around campus among teachers and some students who have heard about the book.

When asked what he felt when hearing about Leitner’s book, Senior Daryl Diaz stated, “I thought it was really cool, and I was excited!”

Mr. Leitner received his Masters in Sports Psychology and wrote the book based off of his education, personal experience, and research in the field of mental imagery. His Thesis was on Mental Imagery in graduate school, and his research provided the basis of information for the book.

In an interview, Leitner said, “I discovered imagery to be a motivating and powerful force. The purpose of writing this book was to share the gift of imagery to motivate and inspire the people who read it.”

Many athletes have used imagery to improve performance and Leitner has been working with the Kohala High Cross Country team to help them use imagery for races. “The key is, the more you practice the more it becomes part of who you are. See it as something to have fun with and enjoy. Each individual can tailor the process to fit their everyday life.”

However, the writing of this book was not always fun and games. Leitner stated, “The biggest obstacle was the editing process. I had to re-write and re-arrange the book many times. Sometimes it felt like I would never get the book published. I credit my wife, Carol, a lot for the book; she was really encouraging and helped me persevere.”

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.com.