Are you healthy?

Desha Yamasaki-Cazimero, Reporter

Many people may say “yes” they are healthy, but are they really? The question is are you physically, mentally, and socially healthy? According to live a new study shows only 3 percent of americans live a healthy lifestyle. So that means 97 percent of americans are unhealthy, but why so high of a percent? Is it because of all these fast food companies or just too much technology. Well the United States states center for disease control and prevention states that the reason for all these unhealthy americans is from the daily life style choices they make everyday such as choosing to smoke cigarette or drink alcohol and even to stop at Burger King or McDonalds just to have a snack on the way home. As for myself I make some healthy choices like I choose to drink water everyday rather than to drink soda or juice, but some days I eat junk food like canned goods or a bag of potato chips and what can we do? Nothing pretty much, because many parents buy canned goods and packaged food why? It’s because their cheaper than buying healthy organic food. To me it’s just an excuse, because if you look at the big picture their not realizing what their putting their health and others in danger , parents need to remember that the phrase ” don’t take the easy way out”. Well apparently their trying to take the easy way out just to save money but will it be a problem in the future?