What if school sports were dropped?

Desha Yamasaki-Cazimero, Reporter

If school sports were dropped many students including myself, would be very upset. It would affect many people on a positive and negative level.  According to livestrong.com’s article on how sports help kids in school, school sports helps kids be actively fit, better in their social interaction, and build character. On the negative side if school sports were dropped students wouldn’t be physically fit and they would have a harder time getting into college because without sports there would be no sports scholarships. In a way it would help students academically. Students would be more focused on getting their assignments done when they get home instead of trying to balance homework and practice. We all have to remember that your education comes first then play is next in line. Yes sports can help you get a scholarship for a good school, but it’s also based on the type of grades you have and your level of education. Don’t think sports are first then school, it’s education then sports.