Electronics Make Life Easier

Maya Anderson, Reporter

Electronics can help with a lot of things in life. They can search information online, you get to keep in touch with your family/ friends, and you can even type reports instead of hand writing them. Usually when you write a lot, your hand cramps up and can get really sore, so save yourself the pain and just type it out on a computer. By researching online, you gain more knowledge that will probably also be useful in the future.

You can also read books on electronics and if there’s a word that you don’t know, you can just look it up and find the definition. Plane rides can take a long time and are really boring if there’s nothing to do, but if you have an electronic with you, time goes by much faster.

Games entertain people and you get to have something to do while you’re waiting. In school you can keep all of your notes and homework assignments organized on a computer instead of tons of papers scattered everywhere.

Last, but not least, you won’t have to carry a ton of textbooks and notebooks around classes, you’ll have them all on a lightweight electronic.