Miranda Canniff, Reporter

In school, many projects or assignments require the gathering of information and research in order to complete its required points. This develops a problem with plagiarism. Plagiarism is when you reproduce the work of an original creator without citation or credit.

Many issues with plagiarism are with students copying and pasting in order to save time or simply because of laziness. To avoid plagiarism you have to cite your work or give credit to the original writer or artist. Many works are cited in a bibliography. To avoid the problem of copying and pasting in order to save time it is best to put aside enough time to complete and check all of your assignment.

Plagiarism isn’t just the copying of exact words. If you take information from anywhere it is advised to give credit somewhere on the assignment.If you take information from a website, you should either paraphrase it or quote it in exact words with quotation marks. You should also check your sources and proofread your work after you complete it to avoid accidental plagiarism.

Plagiarism is illegal, and in the world of journalism and business, there are serious penalties for uncredited work, and students should practice the act of honest work.

Don’t be lazy and don’t plagiarize.