Christmas Traditions

Maya Anderson, Reporter

Many families put up a tree in a house and Santa Clause comes down the chimney and puts presents under the tree. Some kids don’t get to experience the excitement of going to sleep and in the morning, seeing tons of presents underneath the tree just waiting to be opened.

Every year for Christmas, I go to my grandparents house to see the rest of my family there, too. They have a bunk house above the main house and big pond there. The 5 grandchildren sleep in the bunk house and when we see just a little bit of daylight, we run down the hill to the Christmas tree. We have to eat breakfast before we can open any presents, but the presents are very tempting to open. The cookies and milk that my younger cousins put out are eaten by “Santa.” My second youngest cousin, Emma, used to bring glitter and horse food and sprinkle it around the yard for the reindeer to eat.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and before you know it, the Christmas spirit will be here.