Safe Search too Strict?

Valerie Hageraats, Reporter

Kohala High’s internet safety feature is too strict. Whenever someone is using the school’s WiFi and goes on a site that the DOE (Department Of Education) deems to be inappropriate for school, they cannot access it unless the “system administrator” comes all the way down to unblock the website before they can access it that one time. I believe that this takes away a lot of valuable tools for teachers, and takes away valuable class time.

YouTube has a lot of good, entertaining educational videos. Considering the fact we aren’t allowed to have phones outside of class anyway, blocking it from the students doesn’t make a lot of sense.  So why should the DOE block it at all?

A lot of times it doesn’t work and blocks things it shouldn’t be blocking. It is also easy to get around it, which a lot of students can do, so arguably it isn’t really working. It won’t be easy to change, if at all, but it is definitely a hassle and in the way, and should be changed soon.