Basketball Season is Coming!!!

Basketball season is about to start!! Everyone that wants to play, make sure that you get your physical over with before it’s too late. I got my physical done a couple of days ago, and with it came my chicken pox shot. I am personally scared of needles, so it was not my favorite day. But now I’m able to play basketball this year.  When you get your physical done, they check if you are healthy enough to play sports. If you’re not healthy, they will tell you what needs to be worked on.

To be accepted to a team, you have to go through try-outs. For both the boys and girls there will be a junior varsity (JV) and a varsity team. I suggest that before try-outs start, you get into shape. You don’t want to run out of energy too quickly.

I have been playing basketball for about 9 years. I started out in the Kohala Coalition Athletic Association (KCAA) and now I’m going to be trying-out for High School basketball. Last year, our girls basketball team was undefeated. We all grew up together, but by playing basketball we became even closer. My dad was our coach, so he drove the entire team to every basketball game. We had to sit on top of each other because there wasn’t enough seats for everyone. We had team bondings at my grandparents house in Laupahoehoe. They live up in the forest, so we went on amazing hikes that went on for hours.

I hope that everyone who wants to play basketball gets the experience of this awesome game.