Evacuation Advisory for Puna

Valerie Hageraats, Reporter

These past couple of weeks the Kilauea’s lava has come increasingly nearer to Puna’s neighborhoods. On October sixth, a Sunday night, the homes in the path of the flow were given the first evacuation advisory. Almost everyone given the advisory has completely packed up their important belongings and are just waiting to move out. When the lava comes nearer and the evacuation is official, residents will be able to go to a temporary shelter in Keaau, provided by the Red Cross, an article from Mashable says.

Currently, the main lava flow is stalled and not moving, but still active. It is 160 yards away from Pahoa village road, and the lava is 60 yards wide. There are also numerous small breakouts of the main flow. One of which has already taken the first house, on Monday, November 11th. The people living there had already moved out and taken all of their belongings with them, and there are no nearby houses in a half-mile radius.

The lava flow has also already covered parts of a road and a cemetery, along with a small shed, fences and other material. Pahoa village road is already closed to everyone but area residents. Smoke is still not too bad, classified as “light to moderate” by officials, as a source from Hawaii News Now states. Unfortunately for many people, the lava will probably destroy many houses in the path of the flow if it does continue to move. Hopefully everything will work out for those people who have lost their homes, and the community will reach out and help each other as well.