Election Day

Valerie Hageraats, Reporter

Election Day this year was on Tuesday, November 4, and hopefully many people will have turned up for voting at the Kohala High school cafeteria. All of the public schools are closed on that day. The Primary Election was already 3 months ago, in early August to take an initial vote on the candidates. Some of the positions people are voting for include Governor and Lieutenant Governor, a U.S representative, three state senators, seven state representatives, three at-large Office of Hawaiian Affairs Representatives, and nine Hawaii County Council members, according to a West Hawaii Today article.

The results have already been published for this  year’s General Election. The governor is  David Ige, who won around 45% of the vote. Aiona had 37% of the vote. The U.S senator will be Brian Schatz, with 69% of the vote. The complete results were posted on the Hawaii government site, and also on a KHON2 news article.

This was a very important election day, so hopefully voter turnout had been better than before. Exercising your rights to vote are very important. In the past, not many people have come to vote in Kohala (and also in other places in Hawaii and the U.S). Some people say that they don’t vote because they believe that their vote won’t be counted, or that they don’t know who to vote for, or maybe because they are too busy, to far away, or too lazy to get to a polling place. You have the opportunity to choose who runs for your state and district. You have the opportunity to  decide what changes you want to happen, so when you can vote, vote, and encourage other adults to vote as well!