Thank You To The People Who Serve Our Country

Thank You To The People Who Serve Our Country

SGM John Lutgens

Nicole Castillo, Reporter

Veterans’ Day is a day to recognize the men and women who served our country. I was lucky enough to perform taiko at a Veterans’ Day recognition get together at the home of Vietnam veteran Klem Kaniho. I got to socialize with different veterans and how they served this country. But the one person that caught my eye was not a veteran but Base Sergeant Major John Lutgens. I saw that he was wearing his whole uniform and it caught my attention, so I just had to talk to him.

I had the honor to talk to him for about an hour or so about his life as a Base Sergeant Major. He said he has been in the army for over 29 years now and is stationed at the Pohakuloa Training Area as a Base Sergeant Major. Lutgens also said before that he was stationed was in San Antonio Texas. I also asked him if he liked his job and he said,”I love my job and I love my country.” He also said how he at first was going for only three years for the college money but here he is 27 years later. He met his wife through the military, he put his sons through college because of the military, and he put himself through college (Excelcier College in New York)  because of the military.

Lutgens also explained to me that everything goes by really fast and it is definitely a unique life to live and you don’t really stay settled in one place and you move a lot. But he said that he got to go to many countries and meet many interesting people and he got to serve his country which is the number one thing. Lutgens came from a family that has been in the military and as a citizen he thought of it as a responsibility to join in the military and give back to this country.

I also asked him his thoughts on Veterans’ Day. He said Veterans’ Day is an awesome day but he thinks that it should be more than one day of the year. He also says that Veterans’ Day is a very symbolic day and it should only be about the veterans and not about politics or any of those types of things.

I had a great time talking to Base Sergeant Major Lutgens and getting to meet him and talk to him about his life as a person who serves our country and his thoughts on Veterans’ Day.

I think that Veterans’ Day should also be a more than one day holiday and we should recognize our Veterans everyday. They have put their lives on the line for our country and we should recognize them for doing such a thing.

Thank You for serving our country veterans!