Rumors Spread of Akoni Pule Highway Scenic Bypass

CJ Yamamoto, Reporter

“The Way of Kohala” Aloha Kohala. I know a lot of you were worried about our one and only Akoni Pule highway losing its name. I have great news for you. Akoni Pule Highway will not change. What is scenic byway you are probably wondering? It’s a program that’s part of United States Department of Transportation which recognizes roads and highways that have outstanding archaeological, cultural, historical, natural, recreational, and scenic qualities.

Is akoni pule highway being considered as a scenic byway?

Yes, an application for Akoni Pule Highway, was suggested from Honokoa Gulch in South Kohala to Pololu, has been suggested and sumitted to the state of Hawaii for it to become a state scenic byway. There are three primary reasons why this plan is being considered:

-To provide an opportunity for the community of Kohala to preserve and tell the remarkable story of the history of our area from pre-contact Hawaiian society culminating through the missionarys, ranching, and the plantaion.

-To give Kohala a common voice and a seat at regarding issues affecting akoni pule highway.

-To create an on-going organization that serves as a vehicle for the residents of Kohala to help shape our future of our community.

We will find out the ending of October by the department of transportation if akoni pule highway if it will become a scenic state highway.