44th Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival

Nicole Castillo, Reporter

The 44th Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival was held November 7-16. I went on November 15th and got to perform at the Keauhou shopping center.  At the shopping center they had different booths that sold things from jewelry to quilts to some delicious Kona coffee. This was all part of the Kamehameha Schools Kona Coffee Cultural Festival’s Ho’olaule’a.

While I was there I got to interview Malia Bolton. She is the manager of the Kona Coffee industry and is in charge of merchandise selling. I asked her what the reason is for having a 10 day annual Kona Coffee Festival and she said it is to educate the public and preserve the Kona coffee and to bring together the coffee community. She loves Kona Coffee and she says that Kona coffee is world renowned. Lastly I asked her from a scale from 1-10 how good is Kona coffee and she gave a 10 so if you ever have the chance you should try some delicious Kona Coffee.

To end the Kamehameha Schools Kona Coffee Cultural Festival’s Ho’olaule’a they had a bon dance. Bon dance (obon) is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor one’s ancestors. November is not the obon season but they still held a 2 hour bon dance for the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival. I myself love to go to Bon Dances  and I go to at least 6 or 7 different Bon Dances around the island. I got to interview one of the Bon Dancers Randal. He says that he thinks Bon Dance is fun and is very traditional. He goes to 4 or 5 Bon Dances a year. Randal is also a Zumba instructor and he says that he only practices Bon Dance 6 days a year but in my opinion is very talented.

This was my first year going to the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival and I wish to come next year and stay longer. I would encourage others to come to this annual festival and enjoy the food,entertainment, and taste some delicious Kona Coffee.