Does Music affect your Work?

Nicole Castillo, reporter

Mostly everybody listens to music while doing their work. I’m listening to music making this article right now, but the question is, does it affect your work. Previous research showed that listening to music before you start to perform a task such as homework improves attention, memory, and even mental math ability. It also is found to stop depression and anxiety according to Mind The Science Gap.

A more recent study gave students five different scenarios. A quiet environment, a “steady state,” a “changing state,” liked music, and  disliked music. The results showed that there was no significant differences between the liked, disliked and changing state speech. But the students also said that the liked music was more pleasant.

I think that the different instrument in the background matters about how you will work. For example if you were to listen to jazz music you might work better than if you are listening to heavy metal music because jazz has a smoother rhythm than metal. But the University of Phoenix says that music stimulates different parts of the brain so that shows that maybe volume of the music might impact your work.

I’d rather work in a environment with soft slower tempo music than loud fast upbeat music because I feel like you would get off track; the fast upbeat music can pump you up and make you feel more hyper and then you can’t function well or stay on track in my opinion.