High School Stress

Valerie Hageraats, Reporter

Students at high schools in America are too stressed. Grades, athletics, and social life all contribute to a stressed environment. High schools and colleges are too demanding that you get good grades and even go beyond that. It seems that the only reason people volunteer in their community or run for class president is to make a better college application, to seem that much better than their peers or the other millions of high schoolers across the country. The reason we go to school is not to actually to learn and be educated. The SAT and ACT tests are also very stress inducing. It feels almost like a couple hours can influence the rest of your life.

Athletics can also be very stress inducing. It feels too much like a competition to be the best (which can be good, but too much is not). Being popular and trying to fit in is also a cause of stress. Social time should not be stressful at all. It should be relaxing and fun, and should be about getting away from the pressures.

At Kohala High School, many students (especially juniors and seniors) say they are stressed. Some say they have so much work they only get a few hours of sleep each night. The college application process also seems to be a huge cause of stress for people.

The amount of high school stress has gone up, and now rivals that of adults. 83% of teenagers say that school is a major source of stress. It can also be unhealthy, with effects of headaches, stomach aches and depression, says an article by Washington Post.

I think that all this should be changed, even though it would be a difficult process and take a lot of time. School and college should be about learning and becoming educated and not just about the grades. It should not be about going to the best college, it should be about doing what’s right for you, what you are interested in pursuing and what makes you happy.