Black Friday

Nicole Castillo, Reporter

Black Friday has come and gone.

Some people go to Black Friday to get the great deals and others just go for the experience. Black Friday may have some some coincidences where you will come out of the crowd black and blue but some people will do anything to get their hands on a 50% item. Right now Americans are struggling to support their family so it is always a relief to see a sale going on. One of the most crowded places during Black Friday is Best Buy. Some people get in line as early as the week before Black Friday.

Many people get injured in these Black Friday sales, especially in very urban places. shared some ways you can be safe during Black friday.

1.Have situational awareness of the people around you.

2.If you see any sort of mob behavior beginning to occur, withdraw and leave the area.

3.Make sure to have a cell phone at all times in case you need to call the cops during a Black Friday emergency situation.

4.If you are with your friends or family make sure to stick close to them so you can defend each other.

5. Once you have your merchandise, be careful that you aren’t being followed back to your car by thieves.

6.Do as much of your Black Friday shopping as possible online.

So make sure to stay safe when participating in Black Friday and listen to all these safety tips so you don’t end up getting injured in any way.