World AIDS Day

Valerie Hageraats, Reporter

December 1st was World AIDS Day. The day is meant to bring awareness to AIDS and to show support.  The symbol of the disease is a red ribbon. The first World AIDS day was almost 26 years ago, in 1988. AIDS is a disease  that comes from HIV, and 34 million people have HIV right now in the world.  In the past, 24 million have died, making the disease one of the most destructive. There is no definite cure.

To show their support and to raise money, Apple made their logo red in stores worldwide and on the website, and also has an “Apps for Red” section in the app store (lasting until December 7th), the proceeds of which will benefit people with AIDS. Also some sales on Monday will also be donated to Product Red, another campaign for AIDS. In total, Apple may have donated more than 75 million. Prince Harry (of the UK) also made a video speech about the day to bring awareness.