Students throughout Hawaii express voice through Slam Poetry

CJ Yamamoto, Reporter

Slam poetry is a performance and type of poetry that uses speed as the mood. Participating in slam poetry it puts you in a political atmosphere that should be a motive for yourself. Slam poetry began in Chicago in the 1990s; it took place in Hawaii for the very first time with Mr. Travis Mora. If it weren’t for him the kids of Hawaii today wouldn’t be able to enjoy the fun of slam poetry, and expressing it to their peer’s and parents. The great thing about slam poetry is that you can hide a message behind it like for example, the use of drugs and alcohol, and abortion, also the high risks of suicides that are happening in our days.

Sterling Higa, a very famous slam poet on the island of Oahu, started by attending a small workshop that he loved because he loved to write. Slam poetry is not only your writing or what you hear around town it is what you fill and want to say while presenting you poem. One of Sterling’s quotes were “standards are yourself”, and if you say something that might offend someone as you present your poem it is your responsibility to take care of it and fix it. “Wild West” by Sterling Higa is on YouTube and shows how he feels about the real world.

As you can see slam poetry is a great way to get your kids to open up to them selves. Many kids that we know have this talent are perfect at it and we are proud of them because they don’t act shame and they are able to work with any type of race in their life.