Martin Luther King Day

Valerie Hageraats


Monday, January 19th was Martin Luther King Day. Kohala High and other public schools across America had the day off, in remembrance of Martin Luther King and the history of racial segregation in our country.

Martin Luther King Jr. was born on the 15th in 1929, at Atlanta Georgia (the day is celebrated on the third Monday in January). He was a very influential person in the Civil Rights Movement and paved the way to less racism and more freedom for everyone. He also was the speaker and author of the iconic “I Have a Dream” speech that he delivered at Lincoln Memorial to a huge amount of supporters of the American Civil Rights Movement.

This year many people supported this cause and idea by celebrating, marching, and volunteering. In in the middle of Boston there was a 4 mile peaceful protest march organized by a group called The Coalition of Police Violence, honoring MLK but also chanting “black lives matter”. There was also many other parades and speeches that were held on the day, some of which were invaded with protesters against police violence towards unarmed black Americans. Also, this year the President and the First Lady volunteered at the Boys & Girls Club in Washington D.C. Many students volunteered at homeless shelters, food banks, or other community services. The community was very active this Martin Luther King Day, fueled by the nationwide Ferguson incident and others, while also remembering what MLK was all about and giving back to the community.