2015 Astrology Forecast

Zoe Lawrence, Reporter

ARIES: (21 March – 19 April) Sign of the Ram. Adventurous, innovative, daredevil, confident, smug, impulsive, arrogant. Ruled by Mars.

Advice for 2015: Do not act immediately upon finding yourself in a precarious or complex situation. Keep digging and investigating, and the outcome will be worth your time and patience.


TAURUS: (20 April – 20 May) Sign of the Bull. Loving, generous, patient, security loving, self-indulgent, jealous. Ruled by Venus.

Advice for 2015: Try your best not to get too tangled up in the web of friend drama. Avoid picking sides and greet any conflicts with confident energy.


GEMINI: (21 May – 20 June) Sign of the Twins. Adaptable, flexible, youthful, witty, cunning, nervous, insecure. Ruled by Mercury.

Advice for 2015: Find peace in yourself and not in the satisfaction of others. Take a day or two to learn something new about yourself and try new things, and the happiness the experiences will bring will be plentiful.


CANCER: (21 June – 22 July) Sign of the Crab. Emotional, maternal, clingy, imaginative, moody, sympathetic. Ruled by the Moon.

Advice for 2015: Keep your friends close, enemies closer, and family closest. Dont be offended if a friend begins to flake out on plans, they probably aren’t worth the time of day anyhow.


LEO: (23 July – 22 August) Sign of the Lion. Proud, daring, energetic, enthusiastic, smug, unreliable, needs constant reassurance. Ruled by the Sun.

Advice for 2015: Don’t put off important deadlines- you may think you’re royalty, but responsibilities still apply to you. To help avoid the last minute scrambling, start preparations for any project, interview or event early.



VIRGO: (23 August – 22 September) Sign of the Virgin. Modest, analytical, orderly, conservative, perfectionist. Ruled by Mercury (See Also: GEMINI)

Advice for 2015: Break down your barriers, and exit your safety zones. Get messy, be loud, and trust in yourself no matter what.


LIBRA: (23 September – 22 October) Sign of the Scales. Just, rational, diplomatic, hopeless romantic, charismatic, flirtatious. Ruled by Venus. (See Also:  TAURUS)

Advice for 2015: Love everybody to the fullest of our extent, leave no heart untouched. This year, consider how love is the strongest emotion one could feel, and spread it all around you.


SCORPIO: (23 October – 21 November) Sign  of the Scorpion. Mysterious, occult, determined, forceful, manipulative, seductive, compulsive. Ruled by Pluto and Mars. (See Also: ARIES)

Advice for 2015: Some secrets are best kept secrets. If something is told to you in confidence, keep it in confidence, unless it may hurt somebody. Know when to speak, and when to remain silent.

SAGITTARIUS: (22 November – 21 December) Sign of the Archer. Optimistic, honest, straight-forward, philosophical, youthful, superficial, careless. Ruled by Jupiter.

Advice for 2015: Take the bull by the horns. If there’s something you need to get done, stop lying to yourself. You are the only thing stopping yourself from accomplishing your dreams.


CAPRICORN: (22 December – 19 January) Sign of the Goat. Disciplined, ambitious, tactful, careful, pessimistic. Ruled by Saturn.

Advice for 2015: Take a breather once in a while. If you overwork yourself, you’re likely to miss more work than you would if you took a day off. Don’t forget to appreciate those who helped you achieve what you have to get to where you are.


AQUARIUS: (20 January – 18 February) Sign of the Water Bearer. Dreamer, head in the clouds, resourceful, humanitarian, unpredictable, creative.

Advice for 2015: Make your dreams a reality. LIve the life you have imagined, if it is what will make you happiest. If you feel your life is not complete right now, fill up the holes with the people, thing and activities that will bring you joy.


PISCES: (19 February – 20 March) Sign of the Fish. Unworldly, idealistic, vague, easily bored, easily led, follower.

Advice for 2015: Lower your expectations to avoid disappointment. People are not necessarily willing to bend over backwards to please you, and the sooner you realize this, the sooner your communication skills will improve.