We Are Proud of You Cowboys!


Nicole Castillo, Reporter

Congrats to another great season Cowboys. This season they won all 13 of their regular scheduled games. They have now qualified to go to states. With only 9 players on the team they manage to take down almost every team that comes in their way.  The secret weapon to winning is the most important part of a team which is teamwork. There is not a person on the team that is never getting the ball. The ball will always be passed to every single person on the team.

Of the nine players there are five seniors who call themselves “The Fab 5.” This group of Seniors consists of Kealen Figueroa, Justin Agbayani, Ryan Hana Caravalho, Mikala Jordan, and Shawn Ramos. These five Seniors played their last home game for Kohala High School Boys Basketball Team on February 16, 2015. Ever since Elementary school these five boys played together. They played their hearts out not only for themselves and the team but for the whole community.

The Kohala community is proud of them and their pure love of the sport. The other four players on this very talented team are Kainalu Emeliano-Solomon, Chance Pang, Kamaalea Emeliano-Solomon, and Marc Francisco. Congratulations Cowboys!!!!!