North Kohala Radio (KNKR) to start later this year

Miranda Canniff, Reporter

Among the new developments in Kohala include the introduction of its very own radio station, KNKR 96.1 FM. KNKR’s start-up will be locally integrated, relying on volunteers and the community to provide broadcasts. The station’s official start up is planned for September of 2015.

With means to integrate the program with the extra-curricular activities offered at both Kohala High School and Kohala Middle School, its founders Bob Martin and John Sullivan plan to set up shop next to the newly installed Sunshine Hardware in Hawi.

The non-profit, community based operation aims to share culture and small community happenings. Its creators also want for students and volunteers to have an outlet for creative expression.

Material broadcasted from the station could be whatever the community of North Kohala wants to share with one another. Possible subjects could include music, sports scores, news, and much more, including sharing knowledge and educating whoever listens. And due to the introduction of the program to North Kohala’s schools, the station will have even more variety. The broadcasts by students will allow a new perspective to life in North Kohala.

Live broadcasts will allow score by score sports scores, meaning that if you can’t make it to watch the game, you can listen to it.

Shy volunteers who don’t want to speak to the world directly have the option of recording broadcasts to air at a later date.

As of now, the station in in the process of getting on the air, and with the up and running website (see link) listeners can tune in from anywhere with computer and Internet access. This means that alumni of Kohala High and members of the community who have moved can tune in and stay up to date with what’s happening back home.

If you’d like to donate, volunteer, or for more information, visit, or its twitter page @nrthkohalaradio