ACT Testing March 3rd

Valerie Hageraats, Reporter

The Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors all took an ACT test on March 3rd this year. There was a completely free breakfast served at the Cafeteria at 8 am. Then, at 8:30 testing began. Freshman took the Explore and Sophomores took the Plan. Juniors took the regular ACT test. Seniors presented  their senior projects to a panel of judges. Testing was finished by 1:00, and buses left at 1:30.

Many people do not like standardized testing. It is very stressful, and it takes up a lot of time sitting in a chair. It can be difficult and very mentally tiring. The Juniors even have a required class of Test Prep to prepare for these standardized tests. Other classes incorporate test prep into what they teach as well. Nonetheless, it is something that is required and must be done.