Book Of The Month – March 2015

Zoe Lawrence, Reporter

My pick for the book of the month was chosen because of its creative and individualistic use of imagery throughout the text, as well as it’s enrapturing plot and relatable characters. Written by J.D Salinger in 1951, Catcher In The Rye carries heavily it’s themes of teenage angst, alienation from peers and self discovery. This book explores the conscience of the adolescent mind in great detail. From rationalizing the loss of their childish innocence as nothing more than a noble sacrifice of maturity, to the reluctance of many teenagers to face their true selves. Seeing a reflection that they never would have condoned or appreciated before maturing.

Although this book has suffered much criticism and controversy, the story within its hard back cover is intended to enrich and educate the youth of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Adolescence is a time of discovery, unforeseen maturity, difficult decisions, and breaking away from the expectations of self set for you by your elders. Catcher In The Rye conveys a message strong, helpful and rich in knowledge. It is Salinger’s finest work, and a perfect novel for those struggling to meet the standards set for them by parents or teachers, those about to embark on the first step to adult life, or for those who need guidance at this difficult and confusing time of their lives.