Stop focusing on what we wear and worry about what we learn

Amber Malasig, Reporter

Many students wonder why do we have dress code or why do they make a big deal about dress code? Students, mainly girls, come to school to learn, not to get detention for dress code. Like it’s not even that important on how we dress. They should be happy that students actually come to school. It’s like they are judging us on the way we dress. Picking on the same girl for dress code, while there is so much other girls twice as worst than that same girl. They make like we’ll come to school naked.

We live on an island near the equator. What do they expect, us to wear pants every single day and suffer with heat. NO I don’t think so.

School is school and we go to school to learn not to get detention or anything. Instead of focusing on dress code, try and learn how to focus on us students and making the education better; just saying because it is true. You guys focus more on dress code than any student in school. If you want more students to go to college and succeed, try make school interesting and not boring and lame. Also try and have electives or class that students actually like and will learn in. Dress code isn’t even important, our education is. Focus more on the students and our education, maybe more students will go off to college than stay back here and not have a life.

One teacher thinks having uniforms will solve everything. Well, um, thatʻs wrong. As a student you will just make it more  worse and more students will not come to school. They really don’t care if they graduate or not because you guys as teachers and staff don’t make school interesting. Like for example when teachers give a lesson, the lesson is so boring to where students would fall asleep, not want to come to class or even come to school at all. Uniforms are just a waste of money because students will just throw it away and not even bother with it. Honestly uniforms are ugly and not everyone will match in it or feel comfortable. As you look around school, you see how they dress in the clothes they are comfortable in and match in. Having teachers and staff think about bringing uniforms back will just make everything more worse for them and the students. Right there these teachers and staff are just asking for more and more problems/drama in school.

As a student in Kohala High School, I think these teachers should just stop it with this dress code and start focusing on their studentsʻ education. These teachers say they want us to succeed in life and get out of this town; um, well, then start focusing on us students and make our education better and interesting to where students would actually like coming to school and ready to learn. Dress code isn’t as important as our education.