First and last first quarter for Kohala High Students

Isabel Steinhoff & Jordelle Antonio

Isabel Steinhoff and Jordelle Antonio shared their perspectives on the first quarter.

Daryl Diaz, Reporter

It is the last week of the first quarter for Kohala Schools. Besides stressing and turning in back work to improve their grades, Freshmen and Seniors are reviewing how their first quarter or last quarter of High School turned out.

Freshmen, Isabel Steinhoff, tells me what she expected high school to be like, “I expected the upperclassmen and teachers to be scary and mean, but they’re not. I actually like my classes. I like that it’s challenging. Other than academics, School Wide Bonding was really fun.”
When asked about Steinhoff’s goals for the rest of her high school career, she wants a 4.0 GPA every quarter. She continues, “I want to play sports, like volleyball and tennis, and join clubs, like Leo Club and
KGoodnightMoses(Kohala High’s Performing Arts Club).”

The perspective of a Senior’s first quarter is far from a freshmen. Senior, Jordelle Antonio, says, “High school started off really slow, but at the same time it was fast. Through out the years, the school work piling up. I mean I’m already looking at what for college. It makes me realize that I’m growing up and yeah, it’s kind of scary.”
“It makes me sad that this is my last first quarter of my whole high school career and I can’t go back in time to relive it. Senior Bonding made me realize how much I will miss my classmates that I’ve been with since Elementary School. It was one of the last times we’ll be together as a class before we get into the REAL world.”

Though sad about the idea of leaving her class behind, Antonio is positive about accomplishing her goals about in raising her GPA and gain skills she’ll need outside of high school, like being more social and independent. “I feel like I accomplished and improved throughout the years.”

For Steinhoff, high school was better than expected and once she got the flow of everything, she felt okay with everything, “I am looking forward to the rest of the years.”

For Antonio, high school showed her what future students should do when they reach high school, “Start being smart about school and decisions, it will impact the outcome of your future. Join Clubs and sports because it is part of the high school experience. High school is a place for you to find out who you really are inside. Figure out what you are interested in.”