Book of the Month- April 2015

Zoe Lawrence, Reporter

To Kill A Mockingbird
Author: Harper Lee

My choice for this months’ BOTM was chosen for it’s powerful dialogue, insightful messages, and moving themes. This book centers around young Scout Finch, her brother Jem, and their widowed father, Atticus. The small family lives during the Great Depression, in a time of radical changes, desperation and oppression in the American nation. The children, along with their neighborhood friend, Dill, fan the flames of one another’s fascination and obsession with their reclusive neighbor, Boo Radley. The children speculate on why their neighbor is so slow to show himself in the small town of Maycomb, and wonder endlessly as to why the adults in the town refuse to acknowledge his presence. Upon Dill’s departure, the remaining two children’s worlds are turned up-side-down when their father is called upon to defend a black man accused in court of assaulting a young woman.

This book takes a relatively unbiased view at a changing nation, and a town of people who try their best to resist the new times being thrown upon them. It is a difficult world as seen through the eyes on an innocent child; a view which many in this world seek and struggle to acquire.