Cowgirls make a come back

Kiera Javillonar, Reporter

On Wednesday, April 15, 2015 the Cowgirls hosted the Honoka’a Dragons for a softball game. This game was very important for both teams. It determined where they will play for BIIF’s. For the seniors, Ashlyn Van Zandt, Denae Rivera and Kadence Coito, it was a very important game because it was thier senior game. The starting line up for the Cowgirls was Missy Fernandez ( P), Kadence Coito ( C), Symphony Kauanoe (1B), Desha Yamasaki-Cazimero (2B), Denae Rivera (SS), Ashlyn Van Zandt (3B), Jurnee Keawe (LF), Kiera Javillonar (CF), and Setsuko Kimura (RF). The Cowgirls were down in the first inning by four runs. They came up to back and score two. In the next inning, the dragons rallied and scored 7 to make the score 11-2.  The girls were putting their heads down after that. Symphony Kauanoe was then put in to pitch and Missy Fernandez was moved to first base. When they came up to hit, the Cowgirls came back to tie the game 11-11. In the fourth inning, they held the Dragons down and didn’t score. The Cowgirls started to realize that importance of the game and made an amazing comeback. They rallied on two outs and at the end of the inning, the score was 21-11. All the Cowgirls had to do was hold them down to be able to TKO the Dragons. There were two outs and the bases were loaded in the top of the fifth inning. Symphony Kauanoe had two strikes on the batter. She pitched one more and she swung and missed. The Cowgirls beat the Dragons, 21-11, making a huge comeback.