The School Year is Almost Over!

Nicole Castillo, Reporter

The School Year is Almost Finished!!!

Majority of the students are jumping with joy but others are gonna be saying goodbye to Kohala High School and are very sad. The last day of school is on June 3rd. That means less than two weeks for people to get in their late assignments and college papers. Students say that the school year went by so fast, it seems like just yesterday that we were having our first spirit week. Here are some thoughts from the Kohala High students about the school year coming to an end.

Marvelanne Clark (Freshman) said that she’s gonna be very sad because she has a lot of Senior friends that are leaving soon but she is also very happy because she is going to be a sophomore next year.

Maya Anderson (Freshman) said that she is happy because she is ready to go to Japan in the Summer.

Amber Malasig (Senior) said that she is happy because she is finally out of high school and moving on to college,  but also sad because is gonna leave her parents behind to go to college in California.

Kobie Kaholoaa-Aguilar (Sophomore) said he is grateful that Summer is finally here!

Hopefully everybody has a fun and safe Summer and will be ready for next years school year.