Summer Break is Coming Soon

Maya Anderson, Reporter

During summer break, students either stay at home, hang out with their friends, get credit recovery, or travel. Every year, I travel either to Japan, Boston, or to Maine to visit my family. Last year was my first year ever to be on the mainland and to see my family there. There was over 30 of my family members that I met for the first time. We also went to an island in Maine where my uncle worked as a lobster catcher and my aunty worked as a gardener. I also saw my grandma’s sister there and we spent a lot of time with her.

My uncle gave us the opportunity to go on his boat and actually help him catch lobsters. That boat ride was like a hands-on aquarium because you could hold everything in the cage that was at the bottom of the ocean. The lobsters that we ate were so good that I can’t explain in words how delicious it tasted.

Hopefully all the students at Kohala High School will have as good a summer as I will traveling to Japan.