Spring Sports Are Coming to an End

Nicole Castillo, Reporter

This year was a good year for all the Spring Sports teams: JV and Varsity Softball, Tennis, Baseball, Boys Volleyball, and Track & Field. All the teams had their share of wins and losses but they still pulled through the season. The only season that is still going on is Varsity Softball and Tennis players Gabrielle Bartalome, Jaemsen Keyes, Michael Bartolome, and Skylar Marcom-Robinson who are competing at HHSAA State Championships this weekend and next week. Track and Field runners Josiah Adams and Yuki Zbytovsky compete this weekend at BIIF trials with an eye on state competition.

Let’s first talk about Baseball. This year there was no JV Baseball. The boys made it to playoffs but couldn’t make it any farther. The boys were pretty bummed but are ready for a better season next year.

Another Spring sport that did pretty good is Boys Volleyball. The Boys Volleyball team started with a JV and a Varsity team but needed to bring the JV team to an end and brought all the boys up to Varsity level. The Volleyball team started off a little shaky but brought it together and made it all the way to playoffs but lost against HPA at playoffs. The boys were pretty happy considering that they made it to states.

The Track and Field team didn’t bring out a lot of people this year. The only people that came out this year were Senior Josiah Adams and Junior Yuki Zbytovsky. The Track and Field team are still sprinting their hearts out to the finish line and are trying to qualify for states.

The Tennis team on the other hand brought out a lot of new Tennis players this year. A lot of the tennis player were first time player but brought their all. Miranda Canniff said, “It was a great experience for my first time ever playing Tennis.” The Tennis team is also very happy to be sending 4 people up to states.

The JV Softball team had a pretty good season starting off by losing a couple of games. But after a couple games the girls brought it together and won the last couple of games.

Last but not least are the Varsity Softball team. Once again they brought their all and made it to states. In Playoff’s they won twice against Honoka’a and landed a spot in States. Recently they went against Kamehameha at Old A’s and lost, but ended up in second place for BIIF Division 2 Varsity Softball. The girls will be traveling up to Oahu for states on May 11th to show the whole state the heat that Kohala can bring.

Anyways, Congratulations to the Spring Sports teams! All of the Teams did great!