School Uniforms a possibility

Chyenne Book, Reporter

Are school uniforms an option?  This is the question being asked by students, parents, and faculty. Well, at this point yes. School uniforms are being considered for the school year 2015-2016 starting in the fall. The faculty and staff of Kohala High are considering school uniforms for many reasons. One of which is the dress code policy.

Students at Kohala High are constantly breaking the dress code policy. They say they are just trying to express themselves through their clothing. Do you really want to be judged by your clothing and not who you are on the inside?

The people always have a say when it comes to student government. A parent suggests, “We should get school uniforms. It will keep everyone equal and the students that can’t afford the nice clothing would not be judged.” While a student argues, “No, because it’s worthless and even if school uniforms are required no one will wear them.” The students and parents both have good points to support their opinions.

I asked past students of Kohala High School for their thoughts on school uniforms. Ikaika Lancaster, Class of 1999 said “I like school uniforms because there is no discrimination about what you’re wearing and the students will focus more on school.”  Kawena Sproat-Lancaster responded, “Yes, because uniforms will keep students focusing on their school work so uniforms in a way are preparing students for their future.”

The outcome of school uniforms are still unknown. Make sure you attend meetings on the subject to give your input; every voice counts.