Your Home Away From Home

What Things To Remember To Bring Along For Your First Year of College

Zoe Lawrence, Reporter

As many of Kohala High School’s graduating seniors embark on their journey to university or college, there are many essentials or items of comfort that can help ease the sometimes difficult transition to a new place. Along with the obvious household necessities, such as dishes, bed sheets and cleaning supplies, there are some items that will help you to acclimate to your newfound independence, such as a book of comforting or easy to make recipes, or a favorite movie or clothing item.

Some other items of requirement or comfort may include local treats you may not find abroad or in the cafeteria, memorabilia from friends and family (photo albums, scrapbooks, etc.), incense and candles in calming aromas such as sandalwood and lavender, and a hard copy of names, addresses, and phone numbers of loved ones, should you lose or break your cell phone.

A self care package is also a good thing to keep on hand. This kit may contain such items as cold and flu medication, calming tea, letters from relatives and friends and an mp3 player with a soothing mix tape on shuffle. Remember to keep this box somewhere where it cannot be found, stolen, damaged or thrown away by accident. Also, be sure that the items you bring to your new campus do not violate any safety or contraband regulations.

DO NOT include substances such as alcohol or illegal drugs in your inventory under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. Keep a small amount of emergency cash in this kit, kept explicitly for emergencies such as the need to purchase supplies in the event of any storm or natural disaster that may occur within your area.

In addition to these things, keeping in touch on a regular basis with friends and family, not just by texting, but by Skype, FaceTime or telephone will help keep homesickness at bay. You should also be sure to remind everyone that they should send lots of care packages! Most of all, be sure to take good care of yourself and your first year away will be even better than you think.