Guest Speaker Captures Students


LeDerick Horne spoke to Kohala students about believing in themselves and standing up for one another.

Andrew Trump, Assistant Editor

On Thursday morning, Kohala High students were treated to an assembly with guest speaker LeDerick Horne. LeDerick is fromNew Brunswick,NJ, and he graduated with a BA in Mathematics and a minor in Fine Arts from New Jersey City University. He is an entrepreneur, poet, and also goes around speaking to different high schools.

LeDerick opened up with a few poems and talked to students about the importance of pursuing their dreams and overcoming obstacles in their lives. When he was in the third grade, LeDerick was diagnosed as Neurologically Impaired after teachers noticed his poor reading and spelling skills.  From there he was put into special education and his self-esteem plummeted. The combination of having special classrooms, riding the short bus to school, and people thinking he was dumb put LeDerick into a deep depression.

However, he fought back and LeDerick got help from his counselors and got accepted into a community college near his home. Unlike his entire school career, at college he was expected to succeed.  He was able to embrace his auditory style of learning and ended up transferring to a University where he graduated with honors. LeDerick said “If there is one thing that students need to discover by the time they graduate, it is how they learn.” He encouraged students to embrace opportunities to learn visually, auditory, or tactile based on their own preferences.

Junior Dylan Snelling stated, “I really liked the message he gave and how funny he was!  I thought he captured the student’s attention better than any other speaker has.”

LeDerick’s school visits in Hawaii were set up by District Superintendent Art Souza.  Mr. Souza said “I wanted students to hear his message of resilience, that students can become more than what people think they can be. These values make for quality schools.”

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