Yearbooks Being Sold

Maya Anderson, Reporter

See Mrs. Pasco if you would like to buy a yearbook for $60. Students are reminded to check the book for errors such as missing or torn pages BEFORE writing in the book. Once you write in the book, it’s yours. After checking your yearbook, write your name inside and make sure you know where your book is at all times. Anyone vandalizing someone else’s yearbook will be required to purchase another yearbook for the owner, or refund the purchase price if no other books are available. Don’t be like that student one year who had to purchase 10 yearbooks. It will be considered a school obligation and keep you from graduation. Make sure that you write your name in your yearbook so that it can be returned to you if it’s found somewhere. Don’t assume we will be able to figure it out. Keep track of your own yearbook instead of having friends pass it around. Lost or stolen yearbooks will not be replaced.