What are Resource Periods?

Miranda Canniff, Reporter

As the 2015-16 school year begins, new additions have been made to the Kohala High School bell schedule. Besides the minute changes in the beginnings and endings of class times, a new 45 minute resource period has been added to the Friday schedule following lunchtime.

“What is a resource period?” you ask. A ‘resource’ is a class that follows true to its name. These mandatory schedule blocks are meant to supply students with academic and extracurricular resources, without the need to sacrifice time before and after school (excluding clubs and organizations that use the resource as extra meeting times).

An example of a club that meets outside of school is Mr. Leitner’s “Avid For Athletes” course, which meets three times a week.

Resource period material will include a variety of subjects. During directed study (advisory), students chose from a list of possible resources. These range from Study Hall to Ham Radio (taught by Mr. Chertavian).

Kohala High School teacher Miss Brown says that resource periods are a great opportunity for teachers to teach the things that they’re interested in, rather than what they went to school for. According to her, resource periods also allow students to choose between furthering their academics or participating in something that they’re interested in.