Storm Soudelor Hits Island of Taiwan and China

Stephen Pagano, Reporter

Last Saturday on August 8th Taiwan was hit by a category 3 Hurricane called Soudelor. When it made landfall at 5 a.m. local time approximately 19 miles southwest of the city of Hualien it had a sustained wind of about 120 miles per hour. Then at 10:10 p.m.  Soudelor made landfall near Putian City in Fujian Province in southeast China with wind speeds of up to 85 miles per hour. This is the worst storm to hit this area in years.

According to CNN about 24 people have died due to the wrath of Soudelor. According to the weather channel website they said that there are 34 dead with 26 of them being typhoon related causes and several missing. Soudelor has also become a major issue for travel cancelling more than 500 flights and 200 train rides. But this isn’t the only storm so far this year the west Pacific ocean has seen 10 other typhoons this year so far and is unlikely to stop anytime soon.

Soudelor has so far damaged and destroyed 65,000 homes and counting. Soudelor has also damaged over 812 schools. Taiwan has a estimated damage cost of 18.9 million dollars in agriculture damage alone. China has an estimated damage of 2.2 billion dollars in damage according to their government. 163,000 people have evacuated so far and 32,000 boats have docked. This has been your news on Hurricane Soudelor and I’m signing out.