Fire Effects the Kohala Teens

Donna Botelho, Reporter

Over the weekend a fire hit Kawaihae, blocking roads and such. But there were other effects, not just for the adults of Hawaii trying to get to work and to do their normal afternoon routine. Because of this fire the WIFI and TV had gone down. Most teens were posting on Social Networking like Snapchat and Instagram their gratitude for it going back up later, maybe for a night and up until the afternoon.

Most teens at night were on Social Networking and confused as to why it suddenly stopped. When asking a student here at Kohala High, Angelique Kokal said  “I was watching YouTube and it just went out randomly.” Proving that teens were “effected”  just knowing of the fire because of the sudden loss of WIFI and asking around or going on their phones.

Is this any type of red flag that in today’s society electronics are “taking” over? Perhaps more in the future!