Kohala High Seniors Thinking About College

Delani McAulay, Kristine Antonio, DJ Wong

Delani, Kristine, and DJ are a few of the seniors looking forward to college.

Daryl Diaz, Reporter

It is the time of the year where seniors are starting to think about what they want to do after high school. Other than the wonderful grad parties in the summer, some seniors are going straight to work after high school and some will be attending more in college. Around this time of the school year, those who plan on going to college are searching for the right colleges for them. According to some seniors, they have an idea of where they want to be during college, and that they are excited, yet scared when thinking about college.

Senior Kristine Antonio says she is excited to have a fresh start. “I can’t wait to meet new people and experience new things!” Antonio continues with what she is concerned and afraid of when thinking about college,”I’m scared of leaving my friends and my family behind, I’m scared of not being successful, like failing my classes. I am also scared of not being able to pay for college.”

Like Antonio, Delani McAulay, another senior student, is excited about the experience in college. She’s also excited to be independent. “I’m excited for life on my own, not having anyone to tell me what to do, and getting to decide for myself.” Although she’s ready to be in college, she does think about what could keep her from living the free life she wants. “I’m afraid of not getting in to some colleges and not liking it when I get there. My number one concern is paying for college in the end. For example loans; I hope I’ll be able to pay for them.”

Volleyball playing Senior Donald Wong Jr. has a different view from the girls when wondering about college. Past the fear of being on his own and not knowing people at first, he can’t wait to be socializing with other students through, not only academics, but also through athletics in college. When thinking about college, Wong first looks at the location and weather of the school. “I want to be surrounded by a beautiful scenery, such as sunny palm trees and beaches, but I want to be away from Hawaii. I like change.”

Antonio and McAulay both plan on applying to colleges in Colorado, preferably Colorado State University. Wong plan on heading to the West Coast as well, hoping to be accepted into California State University Long Beach and play for their very great volleyball system. All three students are ready to experience the college life.