Kohala High Superheroes STUCO theme for the year


Tia Ubilas

Student Council officers prepare for the first assembly and the introduction of their theme for the year.

Miranda Canniff, Reporter

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear “SUPERHERO”? Probably Batman, Superman, or Spiderman right? This year at Kohala High School, a new school theme has been introduced by this year’s student council(STUCO) officers, redefining what it means to be a superhero. This theme is meant to inspire everyday people to be their own kind of superhero.

On the first week of the school year at the opening assembly, STUCO announced the theme, which is meant to become an inspiration to students and faculty alike throughout the 2015-16 school year. The concept of the theme is to inspire people to be heroes, even if they don’t save the world on a daily basis.

This year’s student officers, including Yuki Zbytovsky, Gabrielle Bartolome, Kumulani Kaai, Naai Lewis, Patricia Cubangbang, Melanie Sahagun, and Jessica Tenorio, introduced the theme by dressing up as heroes that they feel represent themselves and who they want to be as role models and leaders.

Gabrielle Bartolome, STUCO’s High School Student Council representative (HSSC Rep.) says, “What being a superhero means to me, especially since I chose Batman, is conquering your fears to show others [that] they can too.”

According to her, STUCO chose this year’s theme because they believed that superheroes are great role models to respect and strive for.

Most students are accepting towards this concept.

Kohala High School student Chance Souze says that the theme is great because superheroes have a good impression on people. When interviewed, he said “[People] like to see [superheroes] fight…but it’s also a cheerful theme.”

Some students however, are less accepting towards the new school theme.

“It’s kind of lame,” and “I think they should change it to something else,” were just a few comments from a student interviewee who wishes to remain anonymous.

Despite the conflicting viewpoints of their peers, majority of students at Kohala High are indifferent towards the subject of this year’s theme.

The theme has been supported by signs and posters hung around campus saying things like “Be your own hero” and “#KHSHero1516”, as well as events like #feelgoodfridays and spirit days. These let students express their school spirit in even more ways than before.