Maui Telescope Throw-down?

Donna Botelho, Reporter

Telescopes are waiting to be built atop the Hawaiian islands, leaving behind a trail of thoroughly angry but collected organizers and protesters, starting off with the TMT on Mauna Kea and now burning to the one on top of Haleakala on  Maui. This is basically a showdown!

Another truck of supplies is planning on moving in for material atop the summit of the Haleakala on Wednesday, August 18, 2015. But they won’t get in with no problems at all. In June the road got blocked by a group of people. Last month, a group of people lay on the driveway linking arms within PVC pipes; twenty people were later arrested. Apparently, come Wednesday (August 18,2015), the protesters are confident that the trucks won’t have a “no problem” road ahead of them.  “They have to get up to the national park before sunrise in order to not affect the community going to work in the morning. So that’s kind of our theory, just kind of delay them as long as we cam because we know their on a strict timeline with this permit” says Tiare Lawrence, an organizer for Kakoo Haleakala. (Via HawaiiNewsNow)

Will they succeed? Only time will tell!