Hawaii Gets Some Unusual Weather!

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

It was such a beautiful day, and now it’s ruined. The weather these days are getting stranger by the minute. Just yesterday there was a flood on such a rainy day. Then all of a sudden it gets to the point where it’s so hot, you start sweating like a greasy pig. Something’s up with this weather. Coincidence? I think not! For the past week it’s been raining then it gets hot, and it keeps repeating.

Strange weather is no warning but it keeps happening without warning. Over and over rain pours then heat waves roll in. Things are getting wet or is it getting hot? What do you think about this strange weather. Doesn’t it give you madness to feel the heat cooking you, or the rain making you so soaking wet then you fall in a puddle of mud. Just great weather. It’s like the mountain is crying for dear life with the floods from the mountains, and the heat from the hot sun. When will it end? Hopefully tomorrow.