Stephen Amell Joins in The WWE’s Summerslam

Stephen Pagano, Writer

Stephen Amell who is the actor who plays as DC’s character the Arrow on CW joined in the WWE’s Summerslam on August 23. It all started when Stephen Amell was watching a wrestling match between Neville and King Barrett. Stardust, another WWE star, ran up to Stephen in the crowd and harrased him. Amell immediately ran out of his seat and chased Stardust; then he punched Stardust in the face right after he was dragged off stage by security.

Later on there was a burst of excitement when fans of “Arrow” and fans of “WWE” heard that there was going to be an official fight between Stephen Amell & Neville versus Stardust & King Barrett.

Stephen Amell turned this event into a way to raise money for charity. He is known for his past experience in the charity business. Stephen asked his fans to design potential logos for the fight. After countless designs where sent in Amell chose a winner. He announced that if a certain amount of shirts where sold that he was giving his proceeds to Emily’s House, a Toronto Based hospice for children and families specializing in end of life care.

They sold a total of eleven-thousand shirts in the end of the Summerslam event between Stephen and Stardust. By the time of the writing of the article, information is they sold over fifteen-thousand shirts.

It was a tough fight. Stardust was having difficulty controlling Stephen during the fight having to swap out with his team mate King Barrett. Eventually Stephen Amell jumped for the top rope of the ring flying onto stardust wining the match. Arrow has not failed his city.