Kohala Cross Country travels to HPA!

Kaid Nickl, Reporter

Kohala High School sent out their most fearsome runners to compete at HPAs three-mile Cross country course on August 22nd.

This year’s team consists of veterans such as seniors Yuki Zbytovsky, Gabrielle Bartolome and Melanie Sahagun, as well as junior Chance Souze. Following right behind are rookie juniors by the name of Christopher Asagra and Tanya Adams. The sophomore section is composed of second year runner Kaid Nickl and rookies Miranda Canniff and Johnette Emeliano. Last, but certainly not least, are the freshmen. They include Will Touchet, Gale Lum, Angelique Kokal, and Christian Cedillos. Unfortunately, Emeliano and Cedillos were unable to attend the HPA meet.

Deemed the toughest course by many runners, the route has a treacherous incline that is more brutal on runners than any other slope in the state. However, all competitors from around the island endured and completed the course.

Chance Souze finished strong, landing in 14th place out of 193 male competitors. Yuki Zbytovsky also excelled greatly, finishing in 8th place out of 153 female runners. For the boys runners, Kaid Nickl did well, and Will Touchet was not too far away in the pack as well. Chris Asagra ended the race with a bang, giving it his all on the final meters. Female runners Gabrielle Bartolome, Gale Lum, Angelique Kokal, Tanya Adams and Miranda Canniff also represented Kohala with pride. When asked how he felt after the race, Chance Souze replied: “I’m not doing that EVER again.”.