Cars Not Stopping for Flashing Lights on School Busses

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

Security has gotten tighter in the past few years on school busses.  This means added security cameras on both the inside and outside of the vehicle.  Cameras like this insure the safety of students, but they also catch shocking footage of drivers who pass by the bus while it is stationary and dropping off or picking up a student.

A captured clip in West Virginia shows a student getting off the bus to be feet away from a oncoming speeding car that almost took his life. In Minnesota a girl waiting to get picked up was just missed by a semi-truck that chose to go on the right side of the bus when passing by as the bus was stationary waiting for the girl on the right side of the road.  And finally in Cleveland an SUV drove across the sidewalk to pass a bus on the right.  Luckily for this incident, no student was loading on to or getting off the bus.

This is leading to a controversy on if seat belts should be required for all school busses.  Laws like this could apply safety to students in a collision; however, do little if the accident occurs outside of the bus.

Source: Good Morning America