Kim Davis Jailed? Conflicting Worlds!

Donna Botelho, Reporter

A Kentucky Clerk was recently jailed for refusing to give out a marriage certificate to a gay couple in the state! Not giving the police any other option but to jail her, Kim Davis’ religious beliefs usually conflict with a lot of things, but many people have forgotten about the separation of church and state and the oaths they took.

“Gods moral laws conflict with my job duties,” she told the U.S district judge David Bunning (Via HawaiiNewsNow). This is not the first time religion has done things like this but everyone has that freedom, but to what extent? Even here in Kohala people have differing views about the subject.

I myself think that religion has gone a bit too far on some ends and that religion isn’t a excuse for hate crime and discrimination. Other students have also expressed their own opinions on this matter as they have heard about it; some responses are positive to what happened, others not so much.

Kaimi Hook, one of the freshmen states that, “state and church are supposed to be separate” and that “I respect it, but keep it away from the job.” Many others stating their agreement to these statements.

Some of the religious people do not agree with these statements, but not all of them are friendly; respect to them for their opinions though, as this is such a controversial subject.

Let’s hope that this doesn’t ruin anything for anyone, and for everyone to have some sort of compensation for this!